Finding the Most Important Challenges (HMW Voting)

Now that we've collected a LOT of challenges from the team (phrased in different ways) we want to choose which ones are really the top areas we want to focus on during the sprint.


  • Stand up and stick all the sticky-notes randomly on the wall
  • Ask the team members to start calling out patterns/categories e.g. "marketing", "logistics", "communication"... while you write those categories on blue sticky-notes at the top of the wall
  • Tell the team to start moving the HMW notes under those categories (so it's easy to read through them all one category at a time)
  • Give everyone 2 voting dots (decider gets 4 dots) to choose which HMWs are the most important to solve
  • You take the HMWs with the most dots and arrange them to the side in order of the most dots

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