Maintaining the Groups Energy Levels

An often overlooked part of facilitation is staying aware and taking solid actions to maintain energy and motivation in the group. These are some of the things that are easy to overlook, but make a huge difference to the success of your sprint:

  • Healthy snacks, drinks, and especially coffee and tea (at the right times)
  • Watch the natural flow of exercises, if you really need to adjust any timings or any exercises, try to end on a high achievement point before lunch and the end of day.
  • Plan regular breaks (at least every 90 minutes) and also watch the groups energy levels and take breaks if people are losing focus.
  • Hi fives and applause! (You should start the high fives, and you should start the applause - to congratulate the group on their achievements)
  • Make some time at the end of each day to reflect with the group on how the day went and everything you achieved

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